Amazing narrative experiences through storytelling.

We create video games with the contents of one of your brands.


Improve the experience of employees and customers through gamification.We create customized experiences to maximize your KPIs.


Improve the training sessions of the new staff and take advantage of interactive training courses tailored to your business.




Through a training software created according to the needs of your company, you will be able to automate and improve this process.
The training software exploits the principles of gamification, so as to obtain multiple benefits during the learning process.

By introducing a training software within the company, it is possible to make the learning process an integral part of the business reality, providing real added value in the growth of personnel.

The contents included in the software can be created specifically for the needs of your company, reflecting needs and values. 

The training gives a competitive advantage through improved employee performance, faster onboarding, improved retention,  increased return on investment and strengthening your company culture.



With The Ballad Singer we have created an immersive gaming experience starting from history to the marketing of the finished product.
We took care of the illustrations, animations, music, storytelling, programming 
and marketing.
Through the development of a very flexible 
editor we can also transform your products into video games.

If you want to bring to the market a mobile, console or PC and Mac software, Curtel Games is able to deal with all stages of production, without impacting on your corporate organizational structure.


Through collaboration with dozens of professionals we are able to adapt the product to your market needs and to your customers.


Take advantage of our expertise to create new markets and gain competitive advantage over competitors!



Take advantage of the power of video games in other areasEngage customers and staff in activities to increase brand awareness, loyalty and productivity


Gamification is able to transform actions that are normally carried out passively into real and compelling challenges that push the user to improve their performance and maintain a higher level of attention


Through gamification you will be able to provide concrete objectives, promote competition and create a direct reward mechanism after the increase in performance


The benefits of gamification are often underestimated and difficult to reach, we are here to help you unlock its full potential!


Curtel Games was born in June 2017 with the aim of develop video games based on storytelling. The first product developed is based on the interaction of the player within a totally narrated world.


Curtel Games released its first video game in September 2018 in the Early Access version and in February 2019 released the final version. The management of the company is entrusted to Riccardo Bandera. He managed all aspects of the development of the first video game collaborating with over 50 team members.

Curtel Games, also deals with serious games used in companies and for training purposes.


Thanks to the partnership with xTeam Software, with over twenty years of experience in the software market, we have acquired the necessary experience to develop quality products ready for the market.


After The Ballad Singer, many other projects are under development. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to increase the competitiveness of your company in an innovative way.

2019 Scent Appathon Winner



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